Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about Ki Aikido

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a highly refined martial art developed in the last century by Morihei Ueshiba as a means of self defence and spiritual training.  The art of Aikido develops coordination of mind and body.  Through its philosophy and techniques, Aikido brings us into harmony with our environment, other people and ourselves.

Central to Aikido is the idea of being in harmony with your opponents, rather than in conflict with them.  The movement and energy of an attack is redirected without the need for collision or the use of force.  The physical practice of this fundamental principle of Aikido leads to a better understanding of people and nature, while teaching essential skills for the resolution of conflict.

The movements of Aikido are circular and flowing.  They are designed on the principles of nature and move in circles and spirals.  When Aikido is performed well there is great beauty and composure in the movements of both partners.

What is Ki Aikido?

Ki Aikido was founded by Master Koichi Tohei, senior instructor of Aikido in May, 1974 to focus on Ki development in Aikido practice.  Ki is universal energy which gives life and vitality to all things.  Developing both an understanding of Ki principles and the ability to direct and use Ki are an integral part of Aikido training.

Aikido techniques, relaxation exercises, bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff) are used to help students master Ki principles by giving them the opportunity to experience Ki with their own minds and bodies.

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