Please Note: due to Covid restrictions, the dojo is currently closed.  Hopefully we will re-open again next summer 2022.

Introduction to Ki Aikido

Aikido is a highly refined martial art developed in the last century by Morihei Ueshiba as a means of self defence and spiritual training.  The art of Aikido develops coordination of mind and body.  Through its philosophy and techniques, Aikido brings us into harmony with our environment, other people and ourselves…


 Why practice Ki Aikido?

Unlike many martial arts, Aikido requires no particular advantage in strength or speed, and is practiced successfully by people of all ages and abilities.  Aikido practice develops flexibility, coordination, concentration, improved health and fitness, effective communication skills and self-esteem…


Irish Ki-Aikido Association

The Irish Ki-Aikido Association was founded in Galway in 1993 by Sensei Paul Marchant 6th Dan.
In 1999 members and friends of the Galway Ki-Aikido club built a dojo in Doorus, Kinvara, Co. Galway as the new headquarters of the Irish Ki-Aikido Association…


Ennis Ki Aikido Dojo

The Ennis Ki Aikido Dojo was founded in Feb 2018 by Sensei Kevin Sorohan 3rd Dan. Click here for answers to some commonly asked questions…

Aikido FAQ

Ki Aikido in Action

More videos…

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