The Ennis Ki Aikido Dojo was founded in Feb 2018 by Sensei Kevin Sorohan 5th Dan. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions by prospective members interested in joining the Ennis Dojo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Ennis dojo?

The Ennis Dojo is in Barefield National School, Barefield, Ennis, Co. Clare.  Car parking is available along the left side of the school.  Follow the walkway along the football field, entrance to the hall is on the right of the building.

What are the class times?

Thursday 8:30pm to 9:30pm (please try to arrive 15 mins before class begins)

What are the costs?

Class fees are €10 per night or €30 per month.  There are no additional membership or insurance fees.

What would I need to wear?

When members first begin practicing they may wear any loose, comfortable, and clean clothing.

We practice in our bare feet, so they should wear sandals or flip-flops between the changing rooms and the mat. This is to avoid transferring dust and dirt from the floor onto the mat.  Toe and fingernails should be short and clean to prevent any injury, and all jewellery should be removed.

Eventually however, a white Kidogi (similar to a judo suit) should be worn. Members wear a black Hakama after gaining a 2nd kyu (blue belt) in Aikido.  The Kidogi jacket is worn the same way by both men and women – the left side overlaps the right side.

I am not very fit, can I still practice?

Talk to your teacher and work within your limits. It is best to make your teacher aware of any health conditions. As a general rule Ki Aikido is meant to be an art that can be practiced by ANY age or ability. Aikido emphasises technique over muscular force.

I have a disability, can I still practice?

As above, the art can be practiced by almost anyone, but a Doctors letter stating that you are  fit to practice will be required.

I’d like to go and watch a session – is this possible?

You are welcome to watch a class without having any obligation to join. You can always talk to the Teacher first.

When should I arrive for the class?

The club needs students to arrive early to help lay out the mats. In any case, it’s always best to give yourself  plenty of time to get changed so that you can step onto the mat feeling calm and not rushed.

What if I arrive late?

If it is your first class wait until you have spoken to the teacher. If you have already joined the club, and arrived late, just get changed quietly and wait by the side of the mat until the teacher calls you on.

I need to leave the mat (go to the toilet, turn my mobile off etc) – what should I do?

First ask the teacher for permission to leave the mat. When you return, wait by the mat until you are asked to come on.

What should I do when the class finishes?

It is really helpful if students help to tidy the dojo by putting mats away or washing cups etc. Get changed promptly and keep your belongings arranged neatly.

Can I have a checklist of clothing to bring for my first session?

  1. Soft comfortable clothing. Whether you wear a kidogi or soft clothing make sure it is clean.
  2. Flip flops or slippers to wear to the matt.
  3. You may bring a towel, or handkerchief in case you get hot and sweaty.
  4. A bag to keep your belongings neatly while you are on the mat practicing.
  5. Warm clothes to wear home after practicing.

Can I have a checklist of things to do for my first session?

  1. Cut your toe and fingers nail so that they are short and clean.
  2. Arrive early so that you can complete your membership registration and get changed.
  3. Turn your mobile phone off!
  4. Relax and enjoy the class.
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